uPVC Windows in Camberley | uPVC Versus Timber Windows

Planning on having your timber windows replaced? Wondering if you should upgrade to double glazing or have brand new uPVC windows fitted? Here at Greenlife Designs UK Ltd, we take the stress out of having your doors and windows replaced with a friendly service that meets your every need. Whether you are looking for custom sash frames or new composite doors, we are the smart choice for homeowners in the wider Camberley area.

No windows last forever, so it is always good to check when your windows were originally installed so that you are aware of their approximate lifespan.

We are here to compare and contrast the two different options for your new windows. To see examples of our products, why not head over to our website gallery?



Most would consider wooden frames to be far stronger than brittle plastic, but uPVC frames are actually far more secure than timber. That is because they usually come with steel reinforcements to provide a stable core for the otherwise plastic structure. This makes them a great choice for those who prioritise security.

Wooden frames, whether on doors or windows, are more vulnerable to burglaries as they are a natural, unprocessed material. This is especially true of softwood, which is often used when crafting timber windows. If you are concerned about security, we recommend investing in double glazing and choosing one of our attack resistant composite doors.


Another common misconception about uPVC windows is that they last longer than timber. However, uPVC actually has a shorter lifespan than its natural counterpart, rarely lasting more than 20 years. Timber, on the other hand, can last for countless decades when treated properly, and can be repaired without being completely replaced.

Your choice depends on whether you want to pay for a relatively expensive timber installation upfront that will last a long time, or a cheaper uPVC model that will need to be replaced within a decade or two.


One of uPVC’s chief advantages is that it requires little-to-no maintenance. Rather than peeling and cracking in the sun like a timber frame, there is no paint on uPVC windows, so no need to repaint. They may become grubby after a few weeks, but they can simply be wiped down for a sparkling finish.

Timber windows, however, need a consistent regiment of repairs and treatment in order to reach their full potential. As a natural material, it is vulnerable to water damage, temperature changes and rot, so proactive steps need to be taken to keep it from deteriorating. The same is true for doors, so we offer weather resistant composite doors with double glazing to combat this problem in the Camberley area.

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