Doors and Double Glazing in Farnborough | Why Insulation is So Important

Planning on replacing your old timber windows? Looking to find out more about insulation? Whether you invest in uPVC windows with double glazing or one of our tightly sealed composite doors, any effort to improve your energy efficiency will pay back dividends. Insulating your home is incredibly important for a wide range of reasons, and far too many homes in the UK suffer from inadequate insulation.

We help property owners to improve their home’s energy efficiency by updating their doors and windows with brand new products. Read reviews of our services from customers in the Farnborough area on our testimonials page.


Saving You Money

Many people in the UK live in homes that are poorly insulated. This means that more heating is required to keep the property warm in the winter, as a lot of heat escapes through poorly sealed windows, badly insulated roofs and single glazed panes.

Therefore, you will be left out of pocket as you try and heat a building that constantly leaks warmth. This is especially difficult in a period of high energy prices, as you can find yourself overwhelmed by the cost of heating your home. By investing in brand new uPVC windows with double glazing, solid composite doors or upgraded timber windows, you can rely on your home to save you money as it gets colder.

Helping the Environment

Another upside of good insulation is that it is beneficial for the environment. When you require more heat to warm your property, you are consuming more energy, much of which could be created from unsustainable sources. This results in more CO2 being released into the atmosphere than necessary.

By insulating your home, you are reducing your dependency on fossil fuels and other harmful sources of heat. This has an enormous net benefit for the environment and will help to reduce your individual carbon footprint. Some of the best areas to focus on are:

  • Wall Insulation

  • Roof Insulation

  • Floor Insulation

  • Door and Window Insulation

By taking charge in these areas, you can make your home significantly more efficient for the benefit of both your finances and the planet’s health. In fact, by installing wall and loft insulation, the average three-bedroom, semi-detached house could save up to £310 per years on heating bills.

That makes a significant difference, and only requires a small one-off charge for decades of tangible benefits. Our friendly team members are always happy to walk you through the advantages of our uPVC windows, timber windows and other products with double glazing. With quality composite doors and much more on offer, we are the preferred choice for energy efficient installations in Farnborough and the surrounding areas.

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